The Art of Mindful Writing: How to Be Your Reader

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  • Have a post-it note beside your laptop that says “writing”.
  • Close all others tabs, or enter full-screen mode.
  • Work on one post at a time, and choose what this will be before you start writing.
  • You might want to try writing in intensive, full-focus “chunks” of time. The Pomodoro technique uses 25 minutes chunks. Here’s a timer.
  • If you don’t need to do any research, switch off WiFi until you need it. When you do, be clear of your intention and don’t get sucked into social media.
  • I personally like to bullet point what I want to say in an article, then “zoom in” and tackle each section chunk by chunk. This makes the whole task more manageable and stops one skipping around, which ruins mindfulness. It also helps flow, and you can reshuffle the chunks later.
  • Saving the best until last, here is my favourite tool for mindful writing: ambient music. It’s seriously powerful flow-inducer that grounds you in a peaceful headspace. A couple of albums to start with, if you’re not already into it:

Magical Realist. Metamodern Beat.

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