Reflections from a Month Outside in Search of the Holy and Wild

Photo by Sphinx

Be a barefooted wanderer. God grants wings to a person who does not let themselves be overcome by bodily desires and feelings, and saves themselves from their influence. Leave thoughts and worries. May your heart be as pure as the face of the mirror in which there is no image.

Photo by Sphinx


I opened the book and tasted the pain of Man imprisoned in Himself. And I could not read on: the corners of the page were licked by flame, and I knew: this book too will burn, and I with it, and what shall be left then? What will I…

On Playing with the Infinite

Carl Jung said that a single question is “the most telling of one’s life”. It is this:

Are you related to something infinite, or not?

If we are, we know about it, as life begins to melt and transform into something unimaginable, something beyond belief.

If not, how are we…

Will Franks

freedom artist. magical realist. metamodern beat poet.

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